Although many countries are opening their borders to tourists, the pandemic is still around. So if you need to travel, be careful about every single detail and avoid spreading the coronavirus.

Choosing your destination

Look for destinations with low numbers of coronavirus or that haven't registered any cases in the last weeks.

Countries that require negative COVID-19 tests of your visitors also tend to reduce the possibility of spreading the virus.

Besides, check if the accommodation you're going to stay in is following all the safety protocols such as requiring the use of masks and hand sanitizer, and keeping social distance.

Nowadays, home rentals such as Airbnb are an option to keep away from crowds.


Thousands of people from all over the world pass through the airports, so being careful more than usual is necessary.

Take a hand sanitizer along with you all the time you may have to touch surfaces and screens, check-in online to avoid these situations.

If there are lines to check the luggage or to get on the plane, keep the minimum distance of 1 meter.

Wear the mask all the time.

During a flight

Although the airlines are following all the COVID safety guidelines, it is quite impossible to keep distance on a full flight, even if the middle seats are empty.

Airlines have implemented disinfecting measures, but the use of masks is mandatory. You can only take them off while eating. Before the meals, remember to use the hand sanitizer and put on a mask as soon as you finish eating.

Road Trip

If planning was already important when taking a road trip, now, it is more necessary than ever.

Although traveling in your car seems safer than traveling by plane, following the safety protocols is a must-do.

Pack hand sanitizer, disinfecting wet wipes, disposable gloves, sealable disposable plastic bags, and tissues.

Before leaving your home, check if the places you planned to stop are open, during the pandemic lots of businesses such restaurants are working at different times.

After refilling at a gas station, clean your hands immediately, and also prefer to pay using cards instead of money.

When using public restrooms on the road, do not touch the fixtures after washing your hands.

Travel Insurance

Hiring travel insurance is always a smart decision. It can cover delays, illness, lost luggage, and natural disasters. Today, finding travel insurance that covers COVID-19 is essential too. Read these reviews and find the best one for your needs.

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