We are very excited to share with you something we’ve been working for quite a while now, and many of our users have been requested for us: Tripsy Automation.

With Tripsy Automation, users can forward reservation emails to Tripsy, and Tripsy will automatically create and manage the activities in the app. It works with flights, hotels, trains, buses, restaurants, transfers, car rentals, meetings, and more!

This is the first step we are doing on automating the trip management, and all of this was only possible with our lovely users’ feedback, and our beta testers, so thank you very much!

Tripsy Automation starts supporting over 520 providers, with over 10.000 different email templates and 42 languages. This list will keep growing every day with new websites as we move forward and see what providers are more requested.

Getting started on Tripsy Automation is super easy, and we created a few guides to help you:

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Thank you, and safe travels! 🧡