At this moment, our lives are pretty different from what we were used to. Masks and alcohol gel are part of the routine, and going to the supermarket or the drugstore is not a common activity anymore.

The way that we do things is not the same, and maybe, this is going to be the new "normal" way.

When the pandemic is gone, traveling is also going to change. Prevention measures are necessary to travel safely now.


Airports, which usually have crowds, are working on actions to solve this problem.

The queues tend to reduce by avoiding human contact. Therefore, airlines will invest in self-check-in machines.

Checking the passenger's temperature is going to be usual.

In Hong Kong, disinfection machines are being tested by the staff. The cleaning takes 40 seconds. It uses an antimicrobial coating on the interior surface of the machine and sanitizing spray for disinfection. The channel is kept under negative pressure what prevents cross-contamination.

Besides all those measures, wearing masks and using alcohol gel will be mandatory for everyone.


Social distancing is one of the recommendations to avoid the coronavirus. However, keeping distance on a flight is challenging. The middle seat ought to be unoccupied to separate the passengers, which can increase the prices of the tickets.

Some airlines have suspended the in-flight dining temporarily, and onboard services such as magazines are not available.

Not different from what is being recommended by the World Health Organization, the passengers must wear masks, as well as the crew, which is also wearing rubber gloves.

The cleaning procedures on the aircraft were redefined. The planes should be carefully sanitized after each flight, which includes seats, belts, etc.


Big resorts with hundreds of rooms and great leisure areas can not be a good option for a while due to the crowds that they attract. Perhaps, simple small hotels with few guests will be the new tendency.

The cleaning procedures at the hotels will be stricter.

The breakfast is also going to change. Instead of a breakfast buffet, personal meals are going to be served.


How cruises are going to be in the future is a question.

Cruises join thousands of people indoors, which is not advisable right now. Likely, the companies will try solutions to have the passengers back.

Health protocols will be adopted, COVID-19 trained doctors and nurses will screen passengers with symptoms, using hand sanitizer will be mandatory before entering dining rooms, checking everyone's temperature regularly, older passengers will have to present medical documents to prove they're healthy, etc.

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