Yes, you can work and travel at the same time. Nowadays, it is common seeing lots of people doing this. Some jobs allow you to have a remote work, or even if you are a freelancer, you can enjoy more your time this way.

Some people don't know how to do it or do it in the wrong way, consequently they get frustrated. The following tips can help you organize yourself and avoid losing time.

Organize your time

That could seem simple, but for someones, it could become a huge problem.

When you are traveling, you want to enjoy all about the place you are, visit the tourist attractions and get to know the culture. However, if you don't plan your days and organize your time, it can be a disaster, and you will be in trouble.

Set up your schedule to complete your tasks and also enjoy your time. Set aside some hours to work and a couple of others to go sightseeing.

Plan your financial life

Traveling requires money. If you are going to travel and work at the same time, you ought to manage your finances.

Besides spending on accommodation, food, transportation, and tickets for attractions, you also should be prepared to spend on coworking spaces and internet access, if necessary.

Choose the right destination

Be careful when choosing the destination. You can't take into account a place only because you like it. Taking the appropriate city requires more than this.

Checking the weather and temperature before going is useful.

If you don't feel well at very high temperatures or dry places, working in cities like this is not an option.

Remember, you will work, so getting sick or uncomfortable is not a good idea.

Check the internet connection

One of the first things you'd better check before booking the accommodation is the internet connection of the place, it must be trusty.

A bad internet connection is a risk for your work, not to mention that it can affect your productivity if you are thinking about working from the accommodation you are going to stay in.

Wort at coworking spaces or cafés

Exploring new coworking spaces during the trip is great to meet new people and even make work contacts.

Working from a café allows you to feel the local life and learn more about the culture.

Changing your routine can help you improve your creativity and make you more productive.

Adapt yourself to the timezone

If you are traveling to a place with a different time zone, arriving on weekends is a smart choice to get used to it. You can get sleepy and tired, besides the jetlag that also affects your mood.

Taking some days off before working is a way to adjust yourself to the routine.

In case you have meetings with the company or the client you work for, you will have to set up your schedule to wake up earlier or going to bed later.

Buy international outlet adapters

The outlets can differ from a country to another. Getting international adapters is fundamental. Avoid buying them at the airports, the prices tend to be higher.

Earphones are essential

Don't forget to take earphones with you, they are going to help you to get focused while traveling at a coworking space or a café.

Don't get disappointed

Keep in mind that you are not totally on vacation.

Different situations can happen, you may work more than you expected because you have many tasks to do during the day, so don't worry if there is a day that you couldn't explore the city, or you get tired and just want to relax.

The experience itself is great for getting upset just because a day was not perfect how you wanted.

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