Driving a car is a way to relax and admire the landscape for lots of people. Enjoy all the journey not only the destination and feel free to stop and do what you want at any time are some of the reasons why many people choosing a road trip.

Check your car

The most important step is checking if your car is ok, so take your vehicle to a mechanic. Check out the brakes, tires, car's fluid, spare tire, etc, to avoid future problems.

Clean your vehicle

Ride off all the boxes, papers, and anything else that you keep inside the car.

Wash it before traveling. Starting your trip with a car cleaned will be much better.

Have an extra budget

We never know what can happen during a travel, the vehicle can break, you may have to stay more days at the hotel, someone can get sick, etc. So traveling with a tight budget is not the ideal plan.

Download offline maps

Before leaving, download all the maps you are going to use and take a paper map with you in case your cell phone or GPS stop working.

Who is going with you?

Don't forget that you are going to spend a long time in the car with the other traveler(s). It's not the right occasion to travel with people who you don't know so much or don't get along well.

Respect is fundamental to have a nice trip. Try to put up with the other's actions and make the travel pleasant.


A good playlist is necessary. Download your favorite songs and have fun singing them during the journey.

Plan your stops

Taking a break around every three hours is advisable. Choose good places such as nice cities, restaurants, and parks to make your stops and enjoy them.

Be flexible

Getting the wrong road, a broken car, getting sick, or bad weather are just some of the thousands of unforeseen events that can delay your trip.

Don't get stressed out, relax, and try to solve what is possible. Nobody has control of everything.

Entertain yourself

If you are not the driver, you will have a long time to read a book or watch a movie.

Take a good book with you, download your favorite series and movies. Think about alternatives to not get bored.

Book your accommodations in advance

Sleeping in the car is only a good idea if you have planned to do it. To avoid arriving at the hotel and getting no rooms, choose your accommodations and book them before leaving.

Take water and snacks with you

Although you are going to plan all your stops, being prepared for occasional problems along the road is necessary. Being hungry and thirsty in the middle of nowhere is not a smart option.

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