Enjoy the sun, white sand, and crystal clear water is what many people like to do on their vacation at the beach.

There are thousands of beaches around the world. Here they are some of the most beautiful ones for you choosing your next sandy destination.

1. Sancho Bay, Brazil

The indescribable Brazilian natural beauty can be admired at Sancho Bay.

Located in Fernando de Noronha, an island with a lot of gorgeous beaches, Sancho has often ranked not only the most beautiful beach in Brazil but also in the world.

With emerald water, it is one of the best places to dive in the country.

Near there, it is the Dolphin's Bay where you can watch spinner dolphins.

The picturesque scenery with cliffs around the beach can enchant anyone

2. Champagne Beach, Vanuatu

Vanuatu itself is a must-visit. Its nature is incredible.

This terrific beach located in Espiritu Santo Island is too popular. With white sand and clear water, Champagne Beach attracts tourists and cruises. The landscape is stunning.

It is a great place to snorkel or chill out and enjoy the view.

3. Diani Beach, Kenya

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Diani Beach offers activities for families, groups of friends, couples, etc.

Kitesurfing, windsurfing, skydiving, and exciting nightlife can please all ages.

If you like hiking, you may explore forests on a guided walk.

4. Psarou Beach, Greece

Although Mykonos attracts especially the young, the Greek island has a range of beaches to visit, and Psarou pleases all kinds of tourists with its blue water of the Mediterranean sea. It is fantastic scenery, it is worth a visit.

The beach has plenty of clubs and restaurants.

5. Matira Beach, French Polynesia

Located in the South Pacific, the well-known Bora Bora is a dream destination for many travelers.

The extraordinary crystal water itself is an invitation to visit Matira Beach.

Enjoy the sun at the most is the best thing you can do there, so snorkeling during the day and then sitting on the sand to appreciate the sunset is a good choice.

6. Awaroa, New Zealand

Awaroa landscape is wordless. The beach is part of Abel Tasman National Park. It offers lots of outdoor activities such as kayaking and hiking.

The warm turquoise water and golden sand are perfect to pass a day at Awaroa beach with family or friends.

7. Ipanema Beach, Brazil

Ipanema is not only famous for the popular song Garota de Ipanema.

Brazil is well-known for its wonderful beaches, and Ipanema Beach is not different.

From there, you can see the iconic Dois Irmãos hill.

Stores, bars, and restaurants are part of this lively place.

8. Turquoise Bay, Australia

Australia has stunning beaches, and Turquoise is considered one of the best beaches there.

If you love snorkeling and diving, it is the perfect place for you. Exploring the reef and observing coral gardens, and abundant sea life is a memorable experience.

For those who don't like watersports, just relaxing on the white sand is pleasant too.

9. Anse Source D’argent, Seychelles

This sensationally fascinating beach, surrounded by the Indian ocean, has shallow warm crystal water.

Despite the fact the entrance is not free, it worths a visit.

Its exotic view with granite boulders is exuberant. It is said to be one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

10. Tortuga Bay, Galápagos

Yes, the name of the beach is related to the turtles that can be observed.

Not only turtles but also brown pelicans, sharks, and plenty of fish are part of its wildlife. Besides, you can sunbathe next to the marine iguanas that chill on the white sand.

Snorkeling, birdwatching, and kayaking are some of the activities to practice in the Tortuga Bay.

Most of the time that we go to the beach, we want to relax and don't worry about anything, and you don't need to.

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