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Choosing your seat on the plane seems easy, but it depends on what you want or the kind of passenger you are.

Some people sleep, others like to stand up many times, or you can be in a hurry and needs to leave the plane fast.

So taking the seat that matches you can make your experience much better.

Window Seats

If you like to sleep during the flight, get annoyed when the others ask you to stand up, or enjoy looking at the view, the window seat is the best for you.

But remember when you need to get up, you'll depend on the other two passengers to do it. So if you don't want to feel stuck, maybe it is not the seat for you.

Aisle Seat

If you are the one that gets up or goes to lavatory many times, you'd rather picking up the aisle seat. You will avoid bothering others all the time.

Larger passengers also should take this seat. You can lean out into the aisle for extra room (watch out the cart!), and you have an armrest only four you.

Keep in mind that you are going to stand up every time the others ask you.

Being in a Hurry

You are afraid of missing your connecting flight because you do not have much time, or you are just a little impatient and can't wait some minutes to leave the plane. There is a good seat for you: near the front of the aircraft.

If you are flying on an aircraft with two aisles, take a seat in the front with access to the left-hand aisle. That aisle often moves quicker than the right-side aisle since the boarding door is there.

Traveling with Kids

When traveling with kids, choosing a bulkhead seat is going to make your travel more comfortable.

There is an extra space in front of the seats, so the kids can move a little while the seatbelt signal is turned off. Selecting the window bulkhead seat can distract them during the flight. It's also near the lavatories, avoiding annoying people all the time the kids want to use it.

Besides, it is the place where the bassinets are located.

Galley and Bulkhead Areas

Although some people would prefer bulkhead areas because of the extra space in front of it, it has some cons.

They are near the lavatories, which makes it a busy and noisy place due to the flush, not to mention you can smell not good odors.

The galley areas can be unpleasant too. The traffic of passengers and flight attendants is high. Besides, the noise and smell of the meals' preparation can also bother you.

Getting better seats

Most of the airlines offer premium seats to purchase or charge fees for exit row seats. If you are a frequent flyer, maybe you can get it for free, check it out before selecting your seat.

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